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Since established in 1979 as one of furniture manufacturer in the world PT. Superpoly Industry has been producing many kinds of furniture products such as foam, cushion, mattress, dining sets, sofa sets and also springbed.

Currently, we supply to whole s ...
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  • 10 Suggestions to have healthier and more comfort sleep
    10 suggestions to have healthier and more comfort sleep

    1. Sleep regularly
    Try to sleep in the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning, including weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays.

    2. Exercise regularly
    All kind of sports ...
    Wacth out for Bed Bugs...!!!
    Have you ever imagine that may be you have slept with a bed bugs until now ?

    There are several species of bed bugs, all of which are parasites of warm-blooded animals. The common bed bug, whose preferred host is humans, is rarely encountered, presumably because of improvements in sani...
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