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:: The Journey

Since established in 1979 as one of furniture manufacturer in the world PT. Superpoly Industry has been producing many kinds of furniture products such as foam, cushion, mattress, dining sets, sofa sets and also springbed.

Currently, we supply to whole seller, hotel and restaurant. Our main export markets are : USA, Canada, Europe, East Europe, Australia, Japan and Middle East.

We event accept custom design from our clients conditioning the order is in large quantity. Our export capacity is approximately 20 x 40 FCL Container per month.

Quality is our life become our motto because for us a good quality in management and products are very important to give a gratify to our customer. That?s why to proving our commitment we have been awarded the ISO 9001 standard both in management and quality assurance. Should you be interested to visit our production site and our showroom, please feel free to call on/contact us. It will be a pleasure / an honour for us to welcome you.

:: Factory

Our head office is located in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Our production facility is located in Gunung Putri, Bogor. The factory building has a floor space 40.000 sqm which are consist of :

* Building for Furniture : 6000 m2

* Building for Foam : 10000 m2

* Building for Spring Bed : 2000 m2

* Building for Wood : 2000 m2

The building is fitted with some modern equipment and complies with a good standards for furniture industry and environmental protection (AMDAL).

We have enough capacity to produce large quantity of furniture products annually. This ensures enough supply for our aggressive marketing growth. In addition to this, we have designed and built the facility and its systems to enable rapid production increases that we anticipate in the near future. The area that surrounds our factory guarantees sample work-force supply. In other words, we are ready to expand at any time.

:: Vision & Mission

As one of listed company we have to resume our Vision and Mission. With this Vision and Mission we would like to :

Vision :
Becoming notable company in furniture and similar area. Guarantee satisfaction of customer to the quality of goods produced by PT. Superpoly Industry.

Mission :

* Maintain and even improve the quality of goods which are produced by PT. Superpoly Industry.
* Giving service of post sell promising / gratifying to customer.

:: Production

With approximately 400 employees recently we have produced some kind of furniture products which are divided into four division of production line, which are :

* Foam and Mattress

* Cushion : SUPERLAND Sofabed and SUPERLAND Furniture.

* Wooden Furniture
Brands category : Charis Home.

* Spring Bed
Brands category : SUPERLAND Spring Bed

* Accesories : Good Sleep.
More Information, please call :
PT. Super Poly Industry
Komplek Perkantoran Kota Grogol Permai
Blok B-45, Jl. Prof. DR. Latumeten
Jakarta Barat 11460
Tel : (021) 5665405,5677773
Fax : (021) 5668492
E-mail : info@superpoly.com
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