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• 10 Suggestions to have healthier and more comfort sleep
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10 suggestions to have healthier and more comfort sleep

1. Sleep regularly
Try to sleep in the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning, including weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays.

2. Exercise regularly
All kind of sports or exercises, 20-30 minutes per day, at least 3 times a week is ideal, but don’t do exercise before bed time.

3. Reduce to consume incentive drink
Consuming incentive drink just like Caffeine at night will make you get hard to sleep. Incentive drink will increase the frequency of wake time at night and will make you cannot sleep.

4. Sleep on a good bed
The comfortableness of your sleep will be disturbed if your bed is too small, too soft, too severe or too old. Those kinds of bed won’t give you comfort and support which is needed for you to have a nice sleep or relaxation.

5. Don’t smoking
A smoker needs more time to get asleep. More often awake at night and less sleep time.

6. Don’t drink too much alcohol
Drinking alcohol before bed time will make u get harder to sleep, will disturb your sleep process, and will make you awake before the time.

7. Relieve your stress before going to bed
Try to face your problem and trouble before you go to bed.

8. Don’t sleep in hunger or in full
Full or hungry stomach will make your body feels uncomfortable and will make you can’t sleep.

9. Eat some food which can help you to get sleep
If you feel hungry and cannot sleep, try to consume some meals which contain ”Amino Acid L Tryptophan”, for examples : milk, eggs, tuna, cheese and chicken.

10. Make your sleep as priority
Say “YES” to sleep even though you are persuaded to sleep late. You will be grateful in the morning. Make a transition between night time and bed time easier by doing the same thing each night before you go to bed.
• 10 Suggestions to have healthier and more comfort sleep
• Wacth out for Bed Bugs...!!!
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